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Drives of a Lifetime (part 3)

Back for more adventure are you? While instalments one and two were focused on coastal routes with forays into lush green mountains, Our third and final route will give you a very different slice of Australian life with a drive through the outback.

Ancient Outback Mount Isa Loop, 1210km, 13 hours

This road trip is longer than the first two combined so definitely don’t attempt to do it all in one day! This is a looping triangle shaped trip that will bring you back to where you started from. Each side of the triangle takes between 4 to 5 hours and while you could do each drive in one day, why would you want to when there are so many great things to see and do along the way!

We said way back in instalment one of this post that all the trips would be on sealed roads and indeed this is the case even with this outback adventure, however if you want to deviate from the loop laid out here,ย or stop off for some of the detours mentioned then you should carefully check the road conditions ahead of time and really only attempt them if you are in a 4WD.

If you are in a 2WD you should be able to make the main routes without much problem but be sure to plan well for your journeys- extra water, extra petrol and of course snacks (you can never have too many snacks!).

Now we have the safety briefing over, lets get to the good stuff and tell you what sort of things you will find on this drive of a lifetime!

Be sure to stop off in Cloncurry and do some exploring of the way manmade mines are being reclaimed by nature in unexpectedly beautiful ways.

When you roll into Richmond take a step back in time and visit the family favourite Kronosaurus Korner. if the Korner inspires you then get your fossil on while here and see if you can find one of your very own by visiting local fossicking hot spots!

Your next stops will take you deep into the heart of Banjo Paterson territory, where it is said the man penned Waltzing Matilda.

Banjo is not the only claim to fame out here, explore the famous open air Royal Theatre before you head back on the road to Mount Isa.

We hope you have enjoyed our Drives of a lifetime suggestions, be sure to send us pictures if you attempt any of them and let us know what you consider to be the drive of a lifetime for future posts!

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