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Drives of a Lifetime (part 2)

In our first post we took at look at a drive that took you from mountains to seashore and offered a fantastic year round experience. Our next drive is ideal for the sand, sea and sun worshippers out there.

Classic Grand Pacific Drive, NSW 194km,  3 hours 15 minutes

Taking in over 100 beaches and countless coastal lagoons this drive will carry you through the Royal National Park to vacation favourite, Shoalhaven, and then ends with a foray into the Southern highlands to add a nice bit of country contrast to your sun soaked journey.

Even shorter that out first drive of a lifetime, this roadtrip can be completed in a little over 3 hours, don’t let the short and sweet nature of the drive lull you into thinking you should only spend an afternoon doing it. There are so many beautiful spots to see along the way that you could easily spend a leisurely week exploring the sites along the way or grab some beach time and soak up the rays. Some of our favourite spots include:

The Sea Cliff Bridge:

To be found on the non Sydney side of the Royal National Park, take a journey above the waves on the Sea Cliff Bridge. The bridge has pedestrian access like no other and we can’t not recommend taking the opportunity to stretch your legs on this engineering marvel.

Continuing on your drive you will soon come to Kima where you can take in the sights and (loud) sounds of the famous blowhole. Kima has much more to offer than a noisy water feature, drive the back roads of this spot to take in old fashioned dairy’s or even venture in to the Minnamurra rain forest to take on waterfalls and cool your feet in a forest stream or two.

A short 40 KM away from Kima is Shoalhaven where many of us have probably taken a break to at some point in out lives. If you are splitting your road trip up with overnight stays then you will have no shortage of options in the Shoalhaven area. Personal favourites are the glamping opportunities with the aptly named Glamping Out and the delightful cabins at Shoalhaven caravan village,

The stunning @gradysriversideretreat 🌿😍

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If it is truly sun, sea and surf that makes you smile you might want to end your coastal road trip here but if you fancy a taste of the mountains then settle in for an hour long drive through rolling hill that will end your adventure in the Southern Highlands amid some of the best wine country in the world. Head there in may for the glorious Tulip time festival!


Still eager for more drives? Then keep your eyes peeled for our third instalment of Drives of a Lifetime!

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