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There is nothing that quite beats the feel of the road beneath you, the smell of the wind as you whip along the highway of your choice and the feeling of freedom that comes from seeing the road unfold before you. Everyone needs to cut loose and head out on an epic adventure road trip at least once in your life (but really at least once a year should be your goal in our opinion)

With over 817,089 kilometres of road there is no shortage of roads to travel and adventures to uncover in our fair country. We have picked three of our favourite routes to give you at taste of what you could be experiencing. We picked these three options specifically because of the variety of terrain and environments they encompass, so whatever type of adventure you feel like having you can!

The Great Alpine Road, Victoria 339 KM 5 hours

This epic adventure is ideal for those roadsters who like to get above it all. This 5 hour drive takes in the highest sealed road in Australia that is open year round, making it perfect for when you need to feel the tarmac beneath your wheels regardless of the time of year! Not only do you coast through the highs of Australia’s alpines you also plunge into cool green forests, take in vineyards before skirting the sparkling Gippsland Coast.

This isn’t a circular route which makes it an ideal holiday drive! Fly into one of the Wangaratta area airports pick up a great deal on a hire car and then drive that puppy all the way to Metang, recharge at the lakes, drop of the car and then fly home.

While you could do this 5 hour drive in one day, why rush through such beautiful stops (and have such a  short holiday)? For an ideal way to break your trip up into 3 parts have a read of this touring guide from Visit Victoria.

We love the suggested side trips that it included in this guide. Some give suggestions of places to stop for a bit of refreshment such as the delicious Milawa region where you will be able to sample Mediterranean style wines direct from the producers. Other suggestions include options that will significantly extend your drive (another great argument for not attempting the full drive in one day).

If time is on your side then take a side trip on the Bogong Alpine Way for stunning scenery like no other. Be warned, the full road is 230 KM so be sure to have a turn around point in mind, unless you really do love a good touring session!

Another thing that we love about this route is that it changes with the seasons. Come in summer for sunny days and refreshing dips or take advantage of that Alpine snow in winter for snowy landscapes and adventures like no other!

Want more roadway adventures? Don’t miss part 2 and 3 of this post where we will explore routes that will show you a very different slice of Australian roadway life!

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