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Top Tips for a tidy vehicle (Part 2)

If you liked the first part of our top tips article you will love these gems that will have your vehicle looking like new in no time!

Your windshield glass is under constant assault from rain, dusty particles and acidic bug guts, all taking their toll as you drive. The resultant damage can be permanent, but with a bit of prep you can keep your windshield impervious to most things the road or weather can throw at it.  Nanolex Glass sealant is not a marketing ploy, slapping the nano prefix onto their existing products. The nanotechnology that underlies this kit is the real deal. Developed in Germany, this proven tech is now ready for our market after extensive research and testing. Take a clean and dry windscreen and apply a few drops of the included glass polish and using the provided microfibre cloth cover the windscreen with a few passes of polish to remove any built up residues. The next step uses a cotton applicator (also provided) to allow the sealant to do its job. After the initial curing time, a final pass removes any excess sealant and leaves your car with a crystal clear glass that will shed water like a duck while keeping bugs and dust from building up. The Nanolex Glass Sealant Kit ULTRA Set has everything you need in one package.

Stains happen, and when they do they can be both frustrating and embarrassing. Anyone whose kids have left a packet of crayons on the back bench in summer heat can attest, stains can be stubborn. It takes a high quality product to tackle some of the things that mark up your upholstery. Stoner has just the product for gunk that’s been left behind on your car. XENIT can tackle most anything from shoe scuffs to gum to lipstick, and it does it all with a natural citrus solvent that’s not going leave a stink behind. Safe on glass, paint, metal, plastic and upholstery, XENIT it your best option for removing accidents from your car that don’t involve kangaroo indentations.

While tyres will often feel low on the list of priorities, the overall look of clean tyres will make your vehicle look rejuvenated. Autobrite Berry Tyre Gel can keep tyres cleaner than the odd hose down can provide. Using this gel will allow you to coat every nook of your tyres and give it that showroom gleam. This formula is designed to leave a satin sheen with a single coat, or for a higher gloss finish, simply apply further applications, and allow to dry. A gel consistency ensures that you won’t be dripping this tyre dressing all over the tarmac as it drys.


Having a gleaming finish to your car isn’t going to save the world, but it will help you feel the hard earned dollars you forked over for your ride, aren’t going to waste. Besides, a gleaming car, like a tidy flat, has the added effect of making you feel cool, even in 40 degree heat.

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