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Top Tips for a tidy vehicle (Part 1)

Keeping your vehicle in tiptop condition is a priority for any commuter. Having a filthy car can take its toll on your mental state.  Studies have shown that a cleaner car can lead to better performance at work and less stress at home. With dusty summer heat and Maccas wrappers crumpled in the footwells, your car can take on a funk that is rivalled by your first flat at Uni. If you’re not ready to fork out $200 more to get professional detailing for your car, then consider some of these products, that you can use yourself to get your motor back to an acceptable standard.


The sun can dry and crack plastic, vinyl, rubber or fiberglass consoles and this can cause irreparable damage to the interior of your car. 303 products have brought us a SPF 40 surface protectant that will keep the unrelenting UV rays from doing the same damage its done to the back of your uncle Kerry’s neck. The treated surfaces will require less cleaning and keep it looking like new. 303 Protectant will not leave it looking oily like many other conditioners because it is petroleum and silicone free.



When the air conditioner stinks it’s hard to ignore. With the warm wet rainy season all manner of fungus and bacteria can colonise the internal components of your air conditioner and make the resultant air as stale and unpleasant as pair of 5 year old thongs. Einszett has come out with a product to eliminate the odor and clean the mechanisms deep in the unit. The Einszett 1Z Air Conditioner Treatment- Klima Cleaner has an attachment to pump this cleanser directly into the blower fan and break up molds and mildew in just 30 minutes. This treatment can be repeated annually to keep the system functioning at its best.



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